mō ichido, shōjo. (70s, 80s & 90s shōjo manga retrospective)

What is the year 24 group?

An interesting characteristic of the Year 24 Group is, although they all wrote shōjo manga, their protagonists were not girls but rather boys. (...) The Year 24 Group fought editors who resisted their innovation. Editors would say, ‘The audience of shōjo manga is girls, but you want to write protagonists who are boys or men? That's impossible!’ But the Year 24 Group won the support of female readers, and proved to the world that their form of expression was valid. Their epoch-making innovation was to take girls, who back then were not even allowed to behave and express themselves as they desired in the world of fiction, and dress them up as boys. These desires included sexual desire. Although the characters looked like beautiful boys, the persons inside of them were girls or women — and so, their objects of desire were boys and men. This is why, on the surface, it looked as though these works portrayed pederasty or homosexuality (laugh). This is confusing because pederasty and homosexuality exist in real life, but the truth is, these were works of fantasy for girls.

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