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Ashita no K-ko-chan — Takemiya Keiko

  • Source: JULE magazine issue 65-84, Shōsetsu JUNE magazine issue 77-119
  • Magazine Magazine / 1992

Ashita no K-ko chan (obviously a parody of Ashita no Joe) is series of short autobiographical comics Takemiya Keiko wrote for JUNE magazine. Some of the strips are quite funny, and a lot of them deal with how Takemiya came to draw manga and became interested in the genre that would later come to be called "shonen-ai". After their publication in JUNE, these one-page strips were out of print for many years, but were collected into a digital tankōbon by eBookJapan in 2011.

The three strips below deal with Takemiya's childhood, and gives a glimpse of how obsessed Takemiya was with manga and drawing from an early age.

no. 1 no. 3 no. 5