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Hagio Moto - afterword to They Were Eleven

  • Source: Shogakukan bunko "SF roman kessakusen" 11-nin iru!
  • Shogakukan / 1976
Bunko edition of November Gymnasium and They Were Eleven

When I was in middle school I read Asimov's The Current of Space, and since then, my love for science fiction has been growing more and more passionate. I was playing around with the original idea of They Were Eleven when I was in high school. It was inspired by Miyazawa Kenji's Zashiki-warashi:

Ten children were busy at play, but at one point, they realized they had grown in number — they were now eleven.

It sent shivers down my spine.

I started thinking about creating 11 characters, but I couldn't think of more than four different faces. I played around with the idea of making it They Were Six or They Were Five, but then I decided to wait a little bit until I had grown up and was able to design many more distinct characters.

I've grown up a little now, so I was finally able to draw this work.

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