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Sailor Moon furoku for sale!

I’m selling my collection of Sailor Moon furoku from Nakayoshi magazine in the hopes that these adorable items will find a good home with a Sailor Moon fan who will take good care of them!

These are all items from the 1990s, and are in very varied conditions. Please look at the photographs and read my descriptions before deciding if you'd like to pay money for them. I don't want anyone to get disappointed or angry! Please feel free to ask me questions about anything — more detailed descriptions, close-up photos, whatever else might be on your mind.

How to contact me: e-mail me at hasunoutena@gmail.com, or send me an ask on tumblr. Tumblr can be a little tricky and sometimes eats messages, so if you don't hear back from me within a few days, please e-mail me instead.

Shipping and handling: I will ship to anywhere in the world. Shipping and handling for one item is a flat rate of 5 USD. If you want more than one item, contact me and I'll give you a favorable offer. :) There will be no tracking or tracing.

Payment: All financial transactions will be done through PayPal.

Trading for other furoku or merchandise: I would also accept trade instead of payment! I'm a collector of late 70s to early 90s shōjo manga furoku, and of any type of Tokimeki Tonight merchandise. Please contact me with what you have to offer — I might also accept other trades than furoku.

Bonus: I might send some bonus items along — color pages from Nakayoshi? Articles from old anime magazines? Doujin stationary? Furoku that isn't included on this page? Maybe??? You'll know when you receive it. ;)

Summer bag (July 1992)

  • Description: Plastic bag featuring art of the senshi as well as tuxedo mask. Has one large pocket.
  • Condition: Fair. Please see the close-up for some wear (not from use; this type of plastic item just wears with age).
  • Price: 10 USD

Super premium cards (August 1993 - January 1994)

  • Description: 8 trading cards featuring the senshi before and after transformation. 14 cards were produced in all.
  • Condition: Good
  • Price: 10 USD

Funwari mascot (November 1993) SOLD!

  • Description: A small tag featuring an adorable Luna. Comes with a string so you can attach it to a bag.
  • Condition: Good
  • Price: 3 USD

Super system file (June 1994)

  • Description: A binder containing 3 designs of notebook paper, 2 dividers, 1 ruler, and 1 plastic pocket.
  • Condition: The binder itself is used (please see the photographs). The notebook papers are in good condition, unused and complete.
  • Price: 15 USD

Star dust tissues (October 1996) & Square tissues (November 1994)

  • Description: Two packs of tissues: star dust tissues (top) and square tissues (bottom).
  • Condition: Fair. They have some scratches and marks, please see the photos for details.
  • Price: 5 USD each, 8 USD for the set

Sailor princess note (May 1996) SOLD!

  • Description: A notebook featuring all the senshi in their princess dresses. 6 designs inside.
  • Condition: Good. There are no bends and the insides are unused.
  • Price: 15 USD

Hitokoto sailor memo (July 1995) & Fushigi memo pad (March 1993) SOLD!

  • Description: A small memo pad (left) and a small gimmick memo pad where whatever you write on it disappears (right).
  • Condition: The sailor memo is in good condition and unused. The fushigi memo is in fair condition, and has yellowed with age.
  • Price: 3 USD each, 5 USD for the set

Postcards (September 1995) SOLD!

  • Description: Two postcards.
  • Condition: Good
  • Price: 5 USD for the set

Jumbo poster (February 1996) SOLD!

  • Description: A large poster. There is a Magic Knight Rayearth illustration on the reverse side.
  • Condition: Good. It has folds, but this is how it originally came with the magazine.
  • Price: 10 USD

Poster (unknown) SOLD!

  • Description: A smaller poster. Some Sailor Moon crane game prizes are featured on the reverse side.
  • Condition: Fair. It has folds, but this is how it originally came with the magazine. It has some creases at the top.
  • Price: 8 USD

Various stickers

  • Description: A set of 2 large stickers and 10+ smaller stickers.
  • Condition: Good
  • Price: 10 USD for the set

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