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Welcome! This is a site where I collect shōjo manga related thoughts and images that I previously posted to my tumblr blog, and attempt to sort them into a more cohesive whole.

Writings contains various articles and reviews I've written, as well as translations I've done of shōjo-related texts. I do also sometimes talk about non-shōjo manga, but for that, please refer to my tumblr! My focus here is largely on the year 24 group and the history of shōjo manga, but you will also be able to find other assorted things.

Furoku is a collection of scans and photographs of shōjo manga magazine furoku (little gifts that come with each issue) that I own. This page is still hugely under construction, since I own much more furoku than what you can see here. New scans will be added periodically! Most of my collection is from Ribon and Nakayoshi magazine, but there will also be a tiny bit of Ciao and Hana to Yume in the future.

About me

Hello! My name is Alicia, and I've been reading shōjo manga since the 80s. My tastes are broad, but also pretty idiosyncratic—I like what I like, and no one can tell me different! Whether consciously or subconsciously, my favorites of shōjo manga seem to fall into three categories:

  • Ribon magazine through the 70s, 80s, and 90s
  • The year 24 group
  • Heydays of Hana to Yume in the late 80s and early 90s

Thus, that's what I end up talking about most of the time. Sometimes I pretend to be unbiased and all-knowledgable about shōjo manga, but really, I'm not; my knowledge of pre-year 24 group shōjo is quite limited, and my interest in post-90s shōjo is also quite slim. I also have very little interest in anime, and magical girls are no exception, although I feel there is a fair share of crossover between shōjo manga fans and magical girls fans in Western fandom. Having said that, my respect for the concept of "shōjo manga", what it stands for, and what it can accomplish is enormous, and I always hope my enthusiasm will rub off!

The title

I'm absolutely rubbish at coming up with titles, and "mō ichido, shōjo." was suggested to me by anneemay on tumblr. It means something like "shōjo once more", and I like how it has a syllable rhyme, as well as how it's evocative of this site's theme (revisiting old shōjo manga from past decades). Thank you so much!

Reproducing content from this site

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Thank you!

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